Thursday, 16 November 2017

Room 5 had to take notes on desert animals and there adaption from ether hot or cold deserts

The desert is humidly hot and lots of animals have to adapt to the desert. The waterfall only receives about 25cm of rain. The deserts covers more than ⅕ of the world and they are found in every continent. The hot deserts are usually 50°c at daytime but can reach to -20 at night. But I am going to talk about the cold desert (Antarctica) It is extremely cold and they never rise above freezing point. In the day the cold desert is about -50°C and at night it is about -100°C. Antarctica is the biggest desert in the world! The Antarctic has lots of ice and is intensely cold. The day is about half a year and the night is the other half of the year. The antarctic is the biggest cold desert and it is colossal.

There is an animal that can survive in the the cold, it is the penguin. It has broad fur that overlaps lots of times There bones do not have gaps between each no like a normal bird, it is like a diver's weight belt. Its feet and wings are shaped like flippers so it can swim 24km per hour and they have a lot of blubber. The penguin eats a range of seafood .They catch food underwater and when they do catch something they swallow it whole. They are Amphibious (means that they spend half their lives on land and in water) . If they are living in antarctica they don't have to worry about predators because there aren't any. The smaller penguins live closer to the equator and the bigger penguins live further out from the equator which makes sense because the smaller ones don’t have much blubber and the bigger ones have more blubber to keep warm in. A group of penguins in water is called a raft and a group of penguin on land is called a waddle. The male Adelies (type of in)penguins give the female rocks as a present before breeding. If a penguin couple loses its egg, they will sometimes try to steal an egg from another couple. They also can swim to 500m deep and can stay underwater for 20-30 minutes. When the baby penguins are born, the mother instantly feeds them with  a mixture of fish, squid and krill. They live in colonies up to 20,00 birds. They can eat up to 20 kgs a day. When the egg is laid the mother goes out hunting while the dad goes and protects the egg. When the mother comes back from hunting the dads form a single file line and walk in a line and all the mothers have to do is walk down the line and find the dad.

Adaptation is very complex because you have to change how you do something in order to survive. The adaptation of a penguin is that it has black fur at the back of them to keep them warm in the cold icy water and can adsorb sun. it also has a lot of blubber to stay warm in the water. The penguins actually push one penguin down to see if it is dangerous or not. The penguins have to to huddle together in a big group so they  can  keep themselves warm.They also have adapted to have white fronts and black backs and eyes is to camouflage in the water (colour shading) when they are swimming and they also drink sea water when they swim. Their eyes work better in water than on land and they are short sighted on land. They also slide or toboggan on their tummies over the ice or snow because it is hard to waddle in the snow. They do not have teeth , instead they have a spines on their tongue to get a good grip of its prey. They also wrap a cloak of bubbles to get a type of turbo speed that allows them to jump 3 meters in the air and land on land. They also spread a type of oil that makes their feathers waterproof. They have adapted to mate with the same penguin in the same spot season after seasons.

Adaptation is very complex because you have to change how you do something in order to survive. The penguin is a fantastic mammal that has successfully adapted to its harsh environment. The cold desert can reach up to -100°c and people can't even live their lives there, but how can penguins live when we can’t. Well they have much more blubber then us to survive. The fur is black and white to camouflage with the sea and ice.  

Monday, 11 September 2017


Name: Frederick
Age: 9
Nationality: China
Best known for: Select your favourite piece of artwork you have done in class and justify why it is your favourite piece of artwork.
It is the ‘POP ART’ Because it includes painting drawing and sketching.
Influences: Based on the art collage what made you decide to choose that object and that colour.
I chose an ice cream because it had to be an everyday object.I First had to of course had to do the actual colours, then I would switch the colours around so it will POP.
Purpose of artwork: What was the purpose of the college? Refer to the WALT which was to balance colour in a collage
It’s purpose is to make the everyday object stand out/ POP
Creation of artwork: Explain the process of how you made the art college and how you balanced one colour in the art college.
I first drew an ice cream but it didn’t look nice. So I tried and tried and it finally got it. Now for the tricky part, coping it 4 times. When I got them I Just  had to paint it. Then it was finished !!

Take a photo of your piece of artwork to be included in your artist profile and display it on your blog along with your artist profile.