Thursday, 7 June 2018

The safety on concret



The junk was piled to the brim, scrap metal, decepid cars and unwanted things is all around. The huge smell of rotten eggs filles your lungs. Crash, she threw the teapot with no interest in it at all. “No, not this,no not that either” she whispered to herself as she searched through the pile of junk. In the middle of nowhere was a junkyard, Estha was allowed to find treasure in peace and without eyes following her. Slowly she opened the music box. Only daring it would be what she was searching for. 30 minutes ago she was setting up this marvelous contraption. Now this contraption was completed, she used every thing she found this day. “I wonder what I’ll do next ...”

My Statistics Poster

This is my statistics poster. We were assigned to do a poster on Statistics. here is the final thing

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

The Bearded Lady

The Bearded Lady

     The crows feet instantly tells the hard life she has lived and the pain she has endeared. There was wrinkles on her face which looked like it was etched onto her instead of appearing because she frowned a lot. Dark lines on her cheeks was deep creases was telling the story of the life she has lived. A beard which was starting underneath her ears was creeping to a point about 2 cm underneath her chin.

     She has bushy raven colored hair, which was tied into an elegant bun. She puts her mottle hair and combed her hair as she was getting laughed at, smirked at and bullied. But she didn’t care what they thought she was, at least she was still alive.

Sina and the eel

This is a video on the legend "Sina and the eel"
By Anchal, Frederick, Siya and Andrew

My fantasy classroom

My fantasy classroom(explanation)
Have you wondered ever wondered how my fantasy class works? Well let me tell you,most students have a timetable. Let’s look at this one :
7:00 am
Wake up and go to school
7:30 am
Cook breakfast using mini Kitchen
7:30-8:55 am
Then they start doing work. If they finish work then they get to do whatever they want (includes going to the petting zone, going to the computer room or just doing S.S.R)

The Exfora luxury Spa pool is a place where you can relax when you do your work or just for fun. It cost a fortune because it can change how hot you want it (-100000000000 to 100000000000), and it also has a video screen on the bottom you can secretly watch any movie while you do your work (Includes diminutive headphones to listen to!). The sides are make out of light topaz diamonds. So that's the spa. Now time to go to the petting zone.

The petting zone has a area of 1.5 meters squared. The petting zone will have all sorts of animals (including germs and worms!), it is more like a farm inside of a  petting zone. It pervoids gloves and protective suits so you can go near poisonous animals.

There are many more things about my fantasy class, like the fact that there are more screens than you could imagine to play with, a robot that listens to everyone and do there little things like sharpen their pencil or throw away rubbish but it never ever does your work for you. Well I’ve told you enough so bye (bye!).

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Genius Hour

For the genius hour. We got to work on this for one term and we presented it  on term two. I am very proud to have made it. Please come and watch it.