Monday, 19 November 2018

My Ultimate Athlete

If I was in charge of athletics day …

If I was in charge of athletics day …
If I was in charge of athletics day I would change … mmm … I don't know.
I will add some food stalls so the parents won’t need to bring packed lunches if they were staying for the day and if the young athletes get hungry when it is not lunch or morning tea.
The food from the food stalls are all homemade. I would also let the wInners and the people who try their hardest get some cool prizes like a new bike or a scooter. I will use the money from the food stalls to get those items.

I will also add a stadium so we don’t need to sit in the hot sun, and the room will have a retractable roof so if it was cold, we could get some sunlight. The seats will have options like ”Heat Up Seat”, “Air Conditioner” and “massage”.

Tornado alley

Tornado alley
Character- Boy
Then it starts. The sea of grey quickly covers what used to be a  nice, pleasant day. a tornado is up us. As my mum ushers us into the underground bunker, I see some terrible things.

The cows and the field of green grass are getting sucked into the cone of mass destruction and my cat Oscar thinks it is a toy and goes to check it out.

As I yell for somebody to rescue Oscar before it was to late, he gets sucked into the whirlpool of wind and disappears in a flash of light. I began to descended down the safe concrete bunker with tears in my murky green eyes because I don’t want to end up like my poor cat Oscar. all of a sudden the trap door for the bunker goes Boom! and we are locked in.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Muriwai Trip

Muriwai Trip
On 21 First of March 2018, the year 6’s from Halsey Drive school went to Muriwai Beach and the Surf Club to learn about the the beach, such as the dangers in the water and how to rescue people. The surf team consisted with Bronte, Gypsy ( Kate ), Luis, Liam and Joel.

The first thing we learnt was how to be safe in the water by following these rules:
  • Never surf or swim without a friend or an adult.
  • If in doubt, stay out.
  • Always stay between the flags.
  • Use the right equipment correctly.
  • Always put on sunscreen and a hat.
  • If you are in a rip and can’t swim to shore, put your hand up

Then we went to the beach. When we were going to the beach, the black sand was as hot as boiling oil that was just tipped onto our feet! The pain made everyone run about and stand on something like a chair to prevent their feet from burning.  

When we got to the beach, from a distance it was like nothing but when we got closer it seemed more like a huge wall crashing into the water. When we got in, we tried to not get washed away by the Brobdingnagian waves. Then we split into 3 groups, each group did a different things like how to  save a person.

We took a writing piece from Term 1 and recrafted