Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Speeches-a moment in time

Speeches-a moment in time
Purpose: inform or persuade

Clap … Clap … Clap … “And the next” teacher was saying. All of a sudden everything stopped. People were still in mid-clap or in mid-whisper, everyone was frozen except for me. But that only give me more time to worry about my performance and welcome more butterflies into me tummy. Then everything came back to reality.”person is Frederick” No! Did the teacher just pick me?

Tuesday, 28 August 2018


This term, we have been looking at money matters. this is a worksheet we did.

Speech 2018

Why should I bother to put my hand?
Bold - loud
Italic - quick
… - longer pause
Bold and Italic - long and loud.

Have you ever put your hand up to ask a question or answer a question? Well, I suppose so. But have you been either ignored or … has the answer just suddenly popped out of your mind? Well that has happened to me before. But what's the point if you don’t get answered, I mean like, there’s no point right? Other than exercise.

Here's a list of 4 stupid and annoying ways your teacher won't answer you:
The teacher ask “ what is value of X in math”
  1. You know the answer because you read all about algebra but you are too busy staring out the window and the answer just pops out of you mind.
  2. Then you remember but by the time you remember the teacher ask a different question and you are like “come on ! I just got the answer and you change the question
The teacher now asks “ what is the value of X in X - 5 = 2”
   3. You have the answer and you wave madly at the teacher. But what the teacher actually thinks you are doing is waving to her,... so the teacher says “stop waving at me!”.
     4. You stop waving your hand and hold it as still as you can, but you get tired and as soon as you put your hand down, the teacher says “ok now go and do your work that I gave you.” and that's it.  

But are you going to learn anything if you are going to be ignored? Yes if you actually have a answer or question, no if you are bragging and you don’t have an answer. It is a good idea to put your hand up to answer the question and don’t be afraid to put your hand up, even if the answer is wrong. Did you know that ‘fail’ stands for “first attempt in learning” or “first action in learning”, so don’t be afraid to put your hand up to answer the question.

Did you know in some private schools the people are all trying to be the one chosen to be the one who gets to answer the question, and they don’t care about getting it wrong, they just want to get things right for themselves.The teacher asks a question, and the next second … “boom”, everyone has their hand up. They don’t get distracted easily or not get involved that much because they want to learn at school, not play at school.

There is it everybody. After all my hard work in writing this speech, you all should do me one favour, try and answer all the questions the teacher asks, even if it is a complicated question, just try.

Speech Judging Sheet

Name:                           Topic:
Main Points

Self Assessment
Low                                         High
1           2 3           4 5

My speech was organised logically into paragraphs, with an effective introduction and a conclusion.

I used some gestures, stood still and made eye contact with my audience.

My voice was clear and loud.  I didn’t speak too quickly or too slowly.

My speech had a message and was original, interesting and relevant to the audience.


I used ‘powerful’ words in my speech.  I also included some language features (eg repetition, alliteration, similes etc)

My speech was between 2 ½ and 3 ½ minutes long.
2:50 min

Next time I need to …

I need to work on my pace when I do my speech.

Teacher Comment

Some good eye contact and a positive message. Next time try and use more expression in your voice. Well done.