Monday, 11 September 2017


Name: Frederick
Age: 9
Nationality: China
Best known for: Select your favourite piece of artwork you have done in class and justify why it is your favourite piece of artwork.
It is the ‘POP ART’ Because it includes painting drawing and sketching.
Influences: Based on the art collage what made you decide to choose that object and that colour.
I chose an ice cream because it had to be an everyday object.I First had to of course had to do the actual colours, then I would switch the colours around so it will POP.
Purpose of artwork: What was the purpose of the college? Refer to the WALT which was to balance colour in a collage
It’s purpose is to make the everyday object stand out/ POP
Creation of artwork: Explain the process of how you made the art college and how you balanced one colour in the art college.
I first drew an ice cream but it didn’t look nice. So I tried and tried and it finally got it. Now for the tricky part, coping it 4 times. When I got them I Just  had to paint it. Then it was finished !!

Take a photo of your piece of artwork to be included in your artist profile and display it on your blog along with your artist profile.


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  1. Great art work Fredrick!Next time find green but not with something in it.